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Sean produces the History and Social Action Newsletter - details on this page.

Sean runs History and Social Action Publications.

Latest publication June 2009

Jon Newman - The Story of Price's Candles

Published April 2008

Vauxhall and the Invention of the Urban Pleasure Garden - P J Corfield

Wandsworth Heritage Festival
1 June 2009

Wandswoth Heritage Festival June 2009

I now produce a newsletter History & Social Action News (HSAN) which I email. The following issues can be seen by clicking on the dates below. If you would like to be emailed future copies please email on: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

HSAN No 22 - 8 April 2010
Freethinkers Bookfair, 22 May; Stock Clearance; The Elections; The Power Pledge; The New Localism; Events; History & Social Action News; Legacies of British Slavery/Slave Compensation Workshops; History News and Information: BASA Newsletter 56; NESAG Newsletter; Wandsworth Historian; Fabian Tracts; More of CRFF at Sheffield; Export ban on Thoma s Walker Archive; William Morris Gallery; Books etc

HSAN No 21 - 14 March 2010
Events; History & Social Action News: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network Newsletter; Friendly Society Research Group; Archive and Library Deposits; Independent Archive Forum; Consuming the Past: Library Resources for PGRs; Other News and Information: Battersea Power Station; Vauxhall, Battersea and Nine Elms Development Opportunity Area Consultation; McJobs; One Merton Against the BNP; LabourStart News; Books & Pamphlets for Sale

HSAN No 20 - 14 February 2010
Diary; Price's Candles; Wandsworth U3A; Wandsworth Museum; Postgraduates Get Opportunity to Talk in Heritage Festival; The Image of the Black Website Re-launches; A History of the World in 100 Objects; Greta Brooks; Railway Workers Dispute in Thailand; OFGEM Sees Sense – At Last!; Abseiling at Battersea Power Station; Interventions Project; No to Directly Elected Mayor in Tower Hamlets; People's Museum Re-Opens; Battersea Power Station & The Wider Opportunity Area; What is the Future for Post Offices?; Books, Pamphlets, etc for Sale.

HSAN No 19 - 26 January 2010
Diary; Greta Brooks; Working Class Movement Library Exhibition & Talks; Britain at work 1945- 1995 talks; Socialist Film Club Showings; News; London Freedom Pass Under Threat; Books & Articles; 9 Plaque to Chartism Refused in Leeds; Battersea History Notes; Coalition Slams The New Compact; Using Empty Shops and Offices; HSAP PDF Monographs.

HSAN No 18 - 14 December 2009
HSAP Xmas discounts, Race Riots 1919 Symposium, 'Unfree' Labour in 18th & 19th century India lecture, Events, News, A Resurgence of Claimants' Unions, Legacies of British Slave-Ownership, Battersea's History of Education, Wandsworth Museum, HSAP PDF Monographs.

HSAN No 17 - 15 November 2009
Early Islam in Britain - Marika Sherwood Lecture 24 November; New Friendly Society Research Group Newsletter; Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network; Events; News; HSA PDF Monographs.

HSAN No 16 - 26 October 2009
New HSA PDF Monographs; Highlighted Events; General Events; History Events; Short News (inc. North East & North West Labour History, Society for the Study of Labour History, HLF Regional Committees, History of Vauxhall: the Left and Folk Music); Shock at Armed Police Patrols in Lambeth; Trade Union News; Paul Robeson – Hero or Villain?

HSAN No 15 - 11 October 2009
Information Request: Prince of Wales Drive Mansion Blocks. Events. News & Information, inc: Tooting Local History Group, Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism, Citizens Advice Reaches 70, Working Class Movement Library Black and Asian History Resources, Churchill 1945, International Trade Union Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons, Revolutions in the Atlantic World, Campaign to simplify licences for community events, Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to Capitalism. Revolting London Conference. Do you get confused at London bus stops? Harris Academy gets plug as public appointment. Narratives of community and hope: museums and ethnicity call for papers for book. What is happening at Colindale Newspaper Library?

HSAN No 14 - 24 September 2009
Editorial: The Funding Crisis Facing Universities; Destroying the Probation Service; News; Events; Is there a continuing role for trade unions?; Black History Month; How Should HLF Respond to the Recession?; The Historic Value of Postcards; Crisis Faces Centre for Research into Freemasonry.

HSAN No 13 - 4 September 2009
Editorial; HSAP PDF Monographs; News; September Events; October Events; November & December Events; The Continuing Fascination of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens; Patients Association Releases Shocking Accounts of NHS Hospital Care; Where are the Missing Battersea Central Schools Boys and Girls?; The Heritage of Old Battersea Town Hall; PhDs in Progress.

HSAN No 12 - 25 July 2009
Wandsworth Heritage Festival News; Miscellaneous History; Current Affairs; 'Breaking Barriers' Suffragette Exhibition; 1919 Race Riots One Day Symposium Call for Papers; Slavery and Abolition Special Issue; (Re)Figuring Human Enslavement: Images of Power, Violence and Resistance; Black Emancipation and the Working Class 1815-38.

HSAN No 11 - 25 June 2009
John Archer & Black Edwardians - BASA Conference 27 June; Price's Candles Talk 30 June; Battersea's Global Reach – the Story of Price's Candles; Walking into the past – a tale of bias; Clem Attlee Plaque; Events; News.

HSAN No 10 - 10 June 2009
Open Gardens in Lambeth 13/14 June; John Archer & Black Edwardians BASA Conference 27 June; Launch of Wandsworth Heritage Festival; Wandsworth Town Centre Walk; Wandsworth Heritage Festival Open Day; Vauxhall City Farm is recruiting an Education Co-ordinator (closing date 15 June); Tom Paine Exhibition in Salford; Launch for Britain at Work 1945-1995 (16 June); Events; Miscellaneous News; Archives for the 21st Century Consultation.

HSAN No 9 - 25 May 2009
Daylight Robbery; Voting on 4 June; My Events in June's Wandsworth Heritage Festival; Other Events; Britain’s Second Labour Government, 1929-31: a reappraisal Conference; 50th Anniversary of Anti-Apartheid Movement; News; Articles, Conference Papers, Reports etc For Sale; Publications from History & Social Action.

HSAN No 8 - 17 May 2009
HSAP PDF Monograph Series; Change of Jon Newman Walk Dates; Events; News: Chartism; Newcastle, Darlington and Chartism; Kelvin Valley; Spring Gardens at Vauxhall; Victorian Children at Work Key Stage 2 Pack; Taxman Can Inspect Your Home; Community Engagement Toolkit; Black Film Exhibition Publicity Fund; Policing Demonstrations; Mr Robeson; Lost Public Heritage – Battersea Polytechnic.

HSAN No 7 - 30 April 2009
May Day Marches and Rallies; My Talks & History Activities in June; Events; Linton Campaigns Against High Buildings; Wine Tastings in the North East; Wandsworth Heritage Festival June; Miscellaneous (Black Abolitionists in the North East; Richard Bradbury's Riversmeet; Call Mr. Robeson. A life, with songs; Asset Transfer in Lambeth; People's History Museum; Caroline Martyn's Grave In Dundee; The Quakers and Darwin; Sometimes Planning Lobbying Works!; The Alton Estate Heritage Project; Wandsworth Historian; Frederick Engels; The Future of Bancroft Library); A Decade of Civil Society under New Labour; Calls for History Conference Papers ( Transatlantic Routes of American Roots Music; Public History; European Expansion and Colonial Interaction); Slavery and the English Country House.

HSAN No 6 - 11 April 2009
Events; Miscellaneous: Homeground Magazine, LMU consults on Special Collections Exhibitions Policy, London Socialist Historians Newsletter, Ron 'Nobby' Clark, April's BBC History magazine, Friendly Societies, Acris St, Union Bread, Bagels, Platzels and Chollah, Merton Heritage Centre & Local Studies Merge, Before the Slave Trade; Threat to London University; Missing Out – A Conversation; The Tuskegee Airmen; The Sorry Tale of Fred Wells Garden; Local Authority Boundary Changes – Implications for Archives; Second Hand Pamphlets for Sale.

HSAN No 5 - 31 March 2009
Black Screen Britain; Events Outside London; History Seminars & Events in London; West London History Conference; Hayes People's History Blog; Building a picture of the English and Welsh in 1665; Slavery and the Natural World; Human Enslavement: Images of Power, Violence and Resistance (in the Discourse of Slavery); Miscellaneous: Stephen Bourne on You Tube, Does the Digital Divide Really Matter?, Labour Start, Caribbean Air Crew 2nd World War, The African's Grave, The Streets of Battersea, Two Faiths, One Banner, Radical Religion in Cromwell's England, Yorke Membery, Historical Journalist; Kennington, Oval, Stockwell & Vauxhall News; Second Hand Pamphlets for Sale.

HSAN No 4 - 22 March 2009
Website Running Again; London Events; Events Outside London; National Conferences; Wandsworth Heritage Festival; Conference in Honour of Professor Penelope J. Corfield; Tolpuddle in Islington Festival; Olive Morris; Richard Hoggart: Culture & Critique; Young Historian Competition 2009; Books of Interest; Second Hand and Remainder Books for Sale.

HSAN No 3 - 10 March 2009
Contents: London Events (inc. national conferences); Events Outside London; Volunteers Wanted for Oral History Project; Walking for Softies and Hardies; Squeezed Incomes – Cost of Water to Go Up – Again; Regulators Do Not Work for Consumer Interests; Slavery and Abolition; Liberating Sojourn 2 Programme; Diversity and Equality in MALs; From the Margins to the Core? Race, Racism, Education and Youth Violence; Journals for Sale; Mad About Motorbikes?

HSAN No.2 - 27 February 2009
Contents: London Events; Events Outside London; Miscellaneous; Stockwell Community Buildings; Launch of Black Rose Foundation; Garden History; Festival of Small Nurseries; John adescant's Rest Walk Guide; History Websites; Chartism; Kennington Common and Radical History; Slavery & Abolition: NESAG Newsletter No. 5; The Coop, Bob Dylan and Folk America; Labour Heritage AGM & Meeting; Newcastle, Othello & Paul Robeson

HSAN No.1 – 11 February 2009
Contents: Memorial Plaque Dedicated to Olaudah Equiano; The Soldier Who Wasn't; Events: Lambeth, IHR and ICS Seminars, George Lansbury Commemoration, North East talks, Miscellaneous London; A Grim Future for the Community and Voluntary Sector; Protecting the Independence of the Sector; Working Class History; The Tolpuddle Martyrs; Cultural Heritage and the Working Class; Lambeth Pottery Workers History; Wartime Evacuation; Workers Education Association Revitalises; Campaigning Alliance for Adult Education; Plebs League .v. WEA; Legacies and Futures: The History Workshop and Radical Education; Slavery & Abolition; Black & Asian Studies Association; History & Social Action Publications